Cat Lady Entrepreneurs: Lucy Fitzgerald

Lucy Wendel

Lucy Wendel

Welcome to The Anxious Chiropractor’s blog series that highlights “Cat Moms” and their businesses called Cat Lady Entrepreneurs.

In this blog series, my goal is to highlight local women in business and their cats! Yes, I know not everyone is a cat person, however you have to admit, whatever furry creature we have for a pet has somehow helped us in this adventure we call life.

Today, Lucy Fitzgerald who owns Catnip Creative Content, and also is well known as being a co-host of the Wine & Crime Podcast, is sharing a little bit about herself as a small business owner and entrepreneur. But also, you will be hearing from Lucy’s two cats, Ghostface and Raekwon.

Read on to learn all about Ghostface and Rae’s personalities, and how they fuel Lucy’s creativity.

Who are you, what is your business, and what do you do?

My name is Lucy Fitzgerald, and I am a cohost of Wine & Crime Podcast and also have a copywriting/editing business called Catnip Creative Content.



What are the names of your cats?  

Ghostface and Rae (Raekwon)

Please ask your cat(s) to describe what it is that their human does for a living.

They think I gave up my corporate job to work from home and be available for all their needs 24/7.

Rae: She sits on the floor a lot with the space heater on, which is great for me because it makes it easy to stretch out on all of her papers and bask in the heat. She doesn’t get up as early as she used to, but I still make sure she’s awake by 5 AM to maximize her output for the day.

Ghostface: It’s really nice knowing that she’s usually somewhere in the house so I can go nap in the same room whenever I want.

What’s the story of how you met your cats? Please ask your cats if they remember the experience as well.

My now-husband rescued Ghostface from a shelter in Charles City (she's actually the reason we started dating in the first place), and we rescued Rae from the ARL in 2012.

Ghostface: I was very young when I went to live with my dad. My uncle Jake fed me a bunch of cheese and spun me around on the rug. It was fun but my mom was nicer to me and treated me like the queen that I am, so I liked it when we went to live with her.

Rae: My parents came to the ARL and played with my brother and me. I was especially spunky that day (my brother was being lame, as usual), and they decided they liked me the best and wanted to bring me home. The ride home was terrible. I cried and cried. But as soon as I got home and met my new sister, I couldn’t have been happier.



Do your cats help you when you’re feeling stressed out or feeling challenged in small business? How so?

They keep me company all day, and even though they get into fights sometimes (and I really can't have candles going because Rae is a pyromaniac), working from home would be MUCH more boring without them. I read somewhere that the vibrations of a cat’s purring relieves stress, and I think that’s true. They let me cuddle them when I need a break.

Rae: Sometimes I eat her pens or lay directly on her keyboard so she’ll be forced to take a break. Just doing my part, you know?

Please ask your cat(s) how they have supported you, and continue to support you in what you do as an entrepreneur:

Ghostface: She and I both like to work in silence, so when she’s working on her computer, it’s the perfect time for a nap. I think my presence fuels her creativity. She also likes to read to me. I’m a really great listener.



Rae: I like to think of myself as the mascot of Catnip Creative. I mean, what else could you want in a brand representative? I’m handsome, cuddly, curvy in all the right areas, and a great conversationalist. Once we add more of my headshots to our website, I really think we’re going to blow up. When it comes to the podcast, though, she likes to shut me out from the office for hours at a time while she talks to her friends. I bang on the door until she puts me in the bathroom. I’m not a fan of that business, if I’m being honest. Silence and personal space don’t interest me.

What do you think is your strength in small business?

I think flexibility is a real asset when it comes to juggling two businesses. They are both very different from each other, so I like the variety and the fact that every week brings new projects. A weekly planner is a must! Beyond flexibility, I like that I can put my own spin on everything I create.

Please ask your cat(s) to describe their favorite thing about you:



Rae: Except when she’s recording, she’s always game to scratch my butt. My luxurious fur really comes in handy when I’m fishing for some pets. It’s like she can’t resist. She also lets me stretch out on her lap and make biscuits in my favorite blankets. Plus she FEEDS me. I love that!

Ghostface: I don’t know what I would do without her. My brother likes to torture me sometimes and she doesn’t allow it. We sleep together almost every night. She talks to me and boosts my self-confidence when I’m feeling down. She carries me around the house on her shoulder and lets me sniff her hair. When it’s warm outside, she lets me out to eat grass in the yard (even though I throw it up later). She’s my best friend.

To follow Lucy and all of her small business adventures, check out her instagram at @lucyfitz87!

Tune in next Friday on the blog, where we will highlight our next Cat Lady Entrepreneur! Are you a cat lady? Are you an entrepreneur? Would you be interested in being featured? Reach out here for more information!